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Things you should not do when you are in Rome 

  • Don´t buy fakes by the street traders you can be fined
  • Ask before you take the photo with the gladiator if you want the photo you have to pay
  • Don't take illegal taxi it could be expensive or dangerous
  • Avoid the restaurants in touristic areas: the price and the quality of food can be a bad surprise for you
  • Attention at the stalls that sell everything they have higher prices
  • Don´t enter into the churches especially in Vatican with the clothes that show your shoulders or legs
  • Don´t throw money in any fountain that you see: only in Trevi's Fountain
  • Don´t book rooms far away from the city centre . You could spend a lot of money in public transport
  • Don´t buy the water in bottles Rome is full of public fountains with fresh and potable water
  • Don´t stay near the monuments when having a snack otherwise you can be fined

Things you should do when you’re in Rome 

  • Do try to speak the language. Italians appreciate the effort but may respond in English as they love to practice what they’ve learned
  • Do expect to walk a lot so wear comfortable shoes
  • Do make reservations. If you know there’s a restaurant you want to eat at call ahead and reserve. Reservations are common at most nice restaurants especially for dinner
  • Do ask about a VAT (value-added tax) refund when you purchase more than 155€ of goods in one store. If the store participates in the -Tax Free for Tourists- you can get this 19% tax called the Imposta sul Valore Aggiunto or IVA refunded at the airport on your way home


Pay attention at the pickpockets in the underground, on the bus and in the tram, in crowded places, Colosseum, in the squares crowded with tourists. It is said that 3500persons are ready to steal. Put money and valuable things in a safe place, don´t leave them in the bags on your back, they are very easy to open. Sometimes people that don´t seem are the real professionists. To the robberies it usually comes in the means of transport and in crowded places where is a lot of confusion.


Bring comfortable shoes with you
We recommend to take comfortable shoes for your trip to Rome. To see all the monuments you will have to walk long hours. To avoid coming in the evening tired and with your aching feet, leave elegant shoes at home and bring your old comfortable shoes. You will see that we tell the truth.

How to dress
Just make sure that you have the appropriate clothing for visiting churches and cathedrals. Dress codes are usually very strict. Women must have their shoulders covered, not show cleavage and should wear skirts/shorts/pants that at least cover down to their knees. Men cannot wear singlets, but t-shirts are fine. In some places you may get away with wearing shorts, others you may be expected to wear pants. Just make sure you find out beforehand if the place you are going to visit has any dress codes to avoid trouble (or getting turned away) when you get there.